Software Engineer- TS/SCI FSP

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities
Mandatory Skills:
1) Demonstrated experience with LDAP Systems and
as it relates to handling of unique identifiers and registering them in such services and the capability to pass this knowledge on to others. 2) Demonstrated experience using the Java programming language.
3) Demonstrated experience with HTML/XHTML and XML.
4) Demonstrated knowledge and experience in software development of content discovery and retrieval technologies best practices, particularly using open software systems and standards and globally unique identifiers (like UUIDs, etc.)
5) Demonstrated experience with successful full life-cycle lean agile software development projects.
6) Demonstrated experience and ability to translate stakeholder needs/requirements into software solutions that involve multiple interfaces and supporting data repositories.
7) Demonstrated experience with RESTful access methods and services implemented in a lean/agile environment.
8) Demonstrated knowledge of JMS and all aspects of its use in a production development environment.
Desired Skills:
1) Knowledge of
information technology
Infrastructure Library (ITIL) naming conventions, identification and numbering systems and techniques for parsing, searching, discovery and retrieval of complex data artifacts, including text, photographs, videos, maps and other multimedia formats based on such identifications, particularly as it relates to individual and multiple system application services monitoring in both single and distributed cloud architectures.
2) Knowledge of multi-tenant cloud-based processing and services implementation techniques in such a cloud-based environment.
3) Ability to handle complex multi-site clusters and rapid recovery operations. Ability to implement complex, multi-triggered
for system services monitoring and self-healing operations.
Job Description:
Work involves large-scale, distributed services, applications and systems using state-of-the-art open source software with data center and/or cloud-based hardware systems to solve major Big Data mission challenges.

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