Navy Fleet Training Analyst with Secret Clearance

Company Name:
WBB Inc.
Job Overview:
The Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Air Division, Policy, Plans and Operations Branch (OPNAV N98G) develops strategic policy and plans for future naval aviation and conducts N98's business operations. The Training Branch (OPNAV N980T), and the Manpower Branch (N980P) defines, develops and funds all training and/or manpower requirements in support of Naval Aviation. Project personnel will provide support to Requirements Officers in the following areas: Business Operations Manager, Training Branch, and Manpower Branch within the Air Warfare Division (OPNAV N98) in the Pentagon, Arlington, VA
Job Description:
Project personnel provide to the government, analyses and evaluation of aviation training range plans and requirements to include logistical and engineering technical aviation support and Military Construction requirements for OPNAV N980T. Project personnel shall perform the following:
Provide technical writing in the development of core program documentation including Concept of Operations, Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Documents, force structure, and Key Performance Parameter (KPP) documentation, and Test and Evaluation Master Plans.
Provide technical writing in the development of core Fleet Training Range resource sponsor requirements and Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System products in support of Fleet readiness and ongoing/legacy programs in the Tactical Training Range Program.
Prepare, for government review/approval, issue papers, responses to Congressional inquiries, and other tasker responses regarding training ranges.
Assist in the coordination with Fleets, Joint entities, and OSD on range requirements and issues.
Support the Requirements Officer providing engineering analysis to the Requirements' management team for procurement documentation, reviews and meetings. Review technical improvement documents for completeness and accuracy.
Ensure Training Ranges program proposals adhere to Program of Memorandum guidance, level of integration, balance, ability to execute and provide analysis of results. The goal is to ensure a whole, balanced Training Ranges program for Director, Air Warfare.
Supports the Fleet prioritization process for range funding to include monitoring and making recommended actions on funded and unfunded requirements.
Supports the integration of all range requirements, budgeting, and funding into functional areas.
Job Requirements:
Requires SECRET clearance.
Minimum 3 years operational fleet experience.
Knowledge of naval aviation (USN and/or USMC) programs missions and challenges.
Strong knowledge and understanding of the PPBE process.
PPBE certified
Actual working experience within the PPBE process
Actual working experience with POM development
Written skills with development of issue generation
Oral and written skills: Program Reviews.
Knowledge and understanding of the JCIDS process.
JCIDS certification or actual work experience with JCIDS documentation.
Working experience with PBIS.
PBIS certification and/or recent user experience (recent user experience being within the last 2 years).

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