Director of Marketing - B2B

Company Name:
Bulletin Intelligence
Position Type:
The Company
Bulletin Intelligence delivers fully customized, entity-specific briefings and dashboards that provide, as one Fortune 100 CEO described it, "The perfect antidote to information overload." Clients include the White House, most large federal entities, and numerous Fortune 100 companies. Our expert analysts work overnight shifts to boil a mountain of open-source intelligence - news, white papers, financial analyst reports, market research, business opportunities, etc. - into concise daily briefing memos and related analysis for the most demanding executives in the world. The company also has two subsidiaries, Bulletin Media and Bulletin Healthcare, which partner with professional associations to deliver daily briefings to their members on an ad-supported model, collectively reaching in excess of one million professionals daily.
The Position
The position of Director of Marketing is new, and reflects continued growth of the company. It will primarily: (1) generate leads and ongoing communication to support the core Bulletin Intelligence sales team, which is responsible for securing six-figure contracts for custom services, and (2) help launch a series of publications to be sold on a traditional per-seat circulation sales model (free trials, conversion, renewal). We're a collaborative company; the Marketing Director will be involved in many initiatives not specifically delineated above.

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